Not My First Blog Post

Not My First Blog Post

Hi Folks,

This is my first blog on this new blog. I was inspired by Dean Holland webinar a few days ago. Dean went back to his very first blog post. He told his story from 10 years ago until the present time. How he went to a conference and had no  money to buy food or drink. He survived that 2 day webinar, went back home and vowed he could/would make money online, and he did and still does to this day,  very successful one at that.

Ten years ago, round about this time of year I bought a website that sold digital products. I bought my second domain, and I bought hosting at that same time, I still use the same hosting today. That was to be my first post but have moved that one to be the next post. Going back a few month I bought my first WordPress,  fully loaded blog.I think I called it It was Free, all I had to do was pay for hosting. The hosting was $145.00 for a year, if my memory serves me correctly. The seller was known as ‘The Rich Jerk’. The brilliant thing about this was that were video tutorials to follow and learning about WordPress and how to use it, the usual, plug ins, learn about pages, posts etc. I was chuffed to bits, all excited but it all came to nothing. You want to know why?

NO TRAFFIC. Yes, No Traffic. After the hosting ran out after 12 months, that was it, not renewing.

Going back to the the digital software site, ( it was the same scenario. Not one single sale….No Traffic. This domain is still active, it was the first one I bought through my hosting company but nothing on it. So, the moral of the story learn about Traffic and I now know that with Dean Holland that’s going to be positive.

Since that first purchase in 2009 and until the present day it was product after product after product with very little in return. I managed to get a cheque from Clickbank which I was proud with. I also did not too bad on eBay. I could and should have made more effort with eBay but it was the usual, nothing happening and move on. I also tried with Etsy. I know a well known marketer who is killing it with Etsy, bought a few of his products. I either gave up, didn’t have the heart and others I didn’t even look at the product.

Internet Profit Partner

That’s a very brief 10 years….lol. Dean Holland went all the way the the top, I stayed where I was. Now that I have joined Internet Profit Partner I hope to move on, up hopefully. Along the way I have help from one marketer who was good to me has helped me along the way, I still get taught by him and hopefully going through this course and what this gentleman teaches, hopefully it’s up the way.

I have only recently bought this domain. My other blog on, all the files were deleted, lost years worth of posts, mind you latterly I was hardly ever blogging but did have good posts. I did start it again but I could have carried on with it but I wanted a dot com domain.

Internet Profit Partner

I am now moving on in what I hope is the right direction. I have been doing this course for a little over a week now. You need to input a minimum of 1 hour per day. Completeb the 30 day blue print. You can complete in less time if you so wish, depends how bad you want to get it. That’s it for this post. Another post will be up very soon. Hope you have enjoyed the post. Please feel free and leave a comment below.


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