Internet Profits Partner Certification – Continued

Internet Profits Partner Certification Week’s 2,3 & 4


Hi Folks. Let’s get into Week 2. This week it’s about Listbuilding,Aweber, Lead Magnets and  creating your Squeeze Page and Bridge Page.


There’s a brief video introduction to Listbuilding. There are 3 things you need need to get started.

  • Page Builder Frontio: If you sign up to Internet Profit Suite you will have this Page Builder to hand. However, if you have your own Page Builder then that’s fine. The downfall is you won’t be able to use the templates from Frontio. Never mind, Dean H is there to help along with Glenn the Wizard.
  • Aweber: Dean uses Aweber in these training videos, he recommends Aweber. Again if you use a different Autoresponder that’s not a problem. Aweber is the autoresponder I use. Their Support to me, when needed was second to none.
  • Lead Magnet: This is usually a free product which will be useful to your potential customer The offer needs to be enticing  and useful to your customer. It can be a Free eBook, a video. Dean provides Lead Magnets in the Back Office.

The following 3 videos you’ll follow over the shoulder of creating a Squeeze Page. There are plenty of templates to choose from in the Frontio software so no problems there. You’re shown how to add the legal policies to your page which you now have to do by law.

Once your Squeeze Page is completed you move onto the Bridge Page or Landing Page. This is where you’re taken to after you enter your email in the Squeeze Page. There’s more to it and the training is second to none. Easy to follow I can assure you. Plenty of support also available.

The next step is connecting Frontio to Aweber or whatever Autoresponder you use. When that is done you have to check it all out to make sure it’s working. Good luck with that folks.

An introduction to Following Up. This is where you will be introduced to follow up messages to your subscribers, which gets you started with Aweber. You’ll create your first list, you should be getting excited by now. You’ll be importing your follow up messages to Aweber.

After that you’ll create your Golden Snippets:

Global Text Snippets are bits of text (around the size of a few words) that you create in order to easily update multiple messages at once in your list, without forcing you to edit each message one at a time. You may not use them for everything, but there are times at which you may find them useful.

For example, let’s say that you want to have a featured website in your messages, and you would like that to change every week. You could manually change each message one by one each week, or you could use global text snippets to do the heavy lifting for you.

Please note that there is a 100 character limit on these snippets. If you need more text than that, you can add the text directly to your messages, or use multiple snippets together“.

You’ll then create your affiliate lonks and then complete your Golden Snippets. Review everything.

Introduction to Traffic.Very important. You can the best Squeeze Page ever but if you cannot get traffic to it, it’s useless. You’ll learn what not to do, The Masterplan. You’ll have a Daily Tracker to record all your leads, how much you spend on ads etc. You’ve got to define Your Who. What do you want out of this programme. You’ll learn all about traffic, Free and Paid. There is a lot to take in. Remember it’s a walk not a marathon.

There’s more than enough training to get you going. There’s plenty of support from Dean and his team. Go on go and have a look……… Good luck in all you do.


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